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Annunciato il nome del nuovo portavoce della Casa Bianca


Annunciato il nome del successore di Robert Gibbs, l’attuale portavoce della Casa Bianca che lascierà il proprio incarico il mese prossimo.

La scelta è caduta su Jay Carney, il quale svolge oggi il ruolo di Direttore per la Comunicazione del Vice-Presidente Joe Biden. Carney è entrato alla Casa Bianca nel 2009, dopo una  lunga carriera da giornalista che lo ha portato, tra le altre cose, a dirigere la redazione di Washington D.C. di Time magazine.

Questo il comunicato stampa in cui, a suo tempo, Time annunciava la partenza di Carney e in cui si racconta in breve il suo percorso professionale:

From: [Managing editor] Rick Stengel

After twenty extraordinary years at TIME, Jay Carney is moving on to a new challenge. Jay has been pretty much everywhere for us. He started as Miami bureau chief and then became a correspondent in Moscow before landing in Washington and eventually becoming bureau chief. He was in Havana when Mikhail Gorbachev first visited in 1989; he was on the first plane of journalists into Panama for the U.S. invasion that same year; in 1991, he was at the television tower in Vilnius, Lithuania, when Soviet tanks rolled in, and in Red Square when they rolled again during the failed coup that led to the Soviet Union’s demise. On 9/11, he was aboard Air Force One with President Bush. He had two stints covering the White House and excelled in his coverage of the McCain 2000 campaign and of the Clinton impeachment.  As a reporter and as bureau chief, he always fought for fairness and balance in our coverage whether it was of the left or the right. He is a superb journalist, an exemplary bureau chief and he also happens to be one of the pleasantest and most decent guys in our business.  We wish him well in his new endeavors, which we will hear about shortly.

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